1. What information do we collect
    • your email address, physical address
    • your phone number
    • childs name and date of birth
    • childs pertinent medical conditions
  2. How we use the Information
    • your contact information will be used to contact you to keep you up to date on news and events as well as information regarding Classes, cancelations and or any changes or other relevant information.
    • contact details such as phone number are required so we can contact you urgently regarding your child for anyreason while in our car
    • your Childs name and age will be kept for insurance purposes and for registers.
    • class teachers will be made aware of your Childs name, date of birth and relevant medical conditions to be able to deliver safe environment for you child during the course of the class.
  3. Security of Personal Data
    • While Acting On It is currently inactive all personal, medical data has been securely and safely destroyed with the exception of photo consent and email marketing where consent has been specifically given.
  4. Your Rights in relation to Personal Data; Contact Us
    • If at anytime you would like to know what data we currently hold, or would like to make changes to this information. Please contact us.
  5. Retention of Personal Data
    • We will keep your personal data for the duration that you/your child are participating in activities provided by ‘Acting On It’. When this is no longer the case personal data is removed with the exception of photo consent and email macerating content.
  6. Social Networking